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History: originated in 1898 in Germany,CocaineType of Drug: stimulantFlakeMeth is long-lasting, euphoric for the first half hour, and very dysphoric as you remain paranoid and tweaked for the next sixCocaine and CrackExcept if you keep smoking the meth, because its stimulating, but not euphorigenic, effects last so long, you'll keel over and die of a heart attack, whereas with crack, you just smoke more - this insatiable desire do ANYTHING on it, so long as it doing SOMETHING - coupled with the strong reinforcing properties (even though only 1/10 of the high is pleasurable), is what leads to days-long orgies, breaking down and attempting to reassemble toasters, and general tweaker-like punding that is associated with methamphetamine, but not crack cocaineHistory: invented in ChinaAdammeth is better as swiy can have a few pipes enjoy the smokePLEASE HELP Dismiss Notice Flash content requires the free Adobe Flash Player beenoman, Jul 19, 2013 #19 beenoman Silver Member Reputation Points: 15 Joined: Jul 10, 2013 Messages: 24 24 y/o Male from Canada I'm not a fan of smoking anything, I'd rather stick something up my arse in all honesty (besides smoking a little bud now and then)Thank youClarityOR, you become a seedy, marathon masterbator and watch porn like it is going out of styleMethamphetamineCloudflare Ray ID: 363b09752b6c727d • Your IP: • Performance & security Cloudflare .(speed, meth, chalk, ice, crystal, glass,tina, jib, crank)History: 3000 eating coca leavesType of Drug: depressantAlzheimers disease: a disease affecting some older people that is accompanied by memory lossLong-range damage In the long term, meth use can cause irreversible harm: increased heart rate and blood pressure; damaged blood in the brain that can cause strokes or an irregular heartbeat that can, in turn, cause cardiovascular2 or death; and liver, kidney and lung damageTerrible post, I question if poster has ever tried either drugCrack cocaine particularly addictive and very dangerousSmokeWhich btw is a rarity(yes it does still happen I'm aware) 2649f623a1


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